A need for some urgent interventions …
Water levels have dropped from 200 feet in 2000, to 600 feet in 2012, and 1000 feet by 2015, and agriculture has almost halted. People are ekeing out a living somehow by grazing cows.  But poor rains brings on distress sale of the cattle.  Employment needs to be rethought of urgently.

Schooling… well, every child is schooled, but the schooling standards are very poor. And the schooled child is left on high ground – unfit for employment outside, and unfit (and unwilling !) for  village labour within. Employment and schooling need an integrated thinking.

Nutrition is poor with rice with rasam or a spicy tamarind chutney being a staple meal. Most people graze cows, but the milk is the main source of income today and no milk is retained at home even for the children.

Health is poor given the poor nutrition. Health costs have gone up significantly in recent years. Allopathic treatments have  become expensive as people have got pulled into the corporate system of diagnostic tests and unnecessary medicines.

Some households, primarily the ones with a single woman handling it are on the verge of destitution, and the basic needs of such families need to be addressed directly somehow.